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"I'm really impressed. To be honest I'm not sure what help I can give for a project that is already so well established! Great work!"

Ben Kepes, Principal and Founder, Diversity Ltd and Contributor, Forbes, on the Agile Business Intelligence report, 2013

"You were great - thank you for your participation and sharing your insight"

Jo Maitland, Research Director, Gigaom, on the Future of the Cloud in Europe webinar, 2013

"I was able to read your article. Thank you very much. This was exactly what we as a Cloudstack community were hoping for"

Lotta Croiset van Uchelen, CloudStack Collab Conference Team, on the coverage of the CCCEU13 conference, 2013.

"Distributed decision making..this is music to my ears...This is a great area for research and we should be doing a lot more of it"

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Director, W3C, on a keynote comment in World Wide Web conference, 2012

"Wow, thanks a lot..I'll get back to you as soon as possible to continue the discussion on how to bring this functionality into Liferay"

Jorge Ferer, Vice President, Engineering, Liferay Inc, on the analysis on Linked Data for Liferay, 2010