I’m George Anadiotis, and Linked Data Orchestration is my brand

I’m an Analyst, Consultant, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Researcher, Writer

In depth analysis, approachable insights
If you are trying to make educated choices on where to invest or what to buy, i can help.
I have approached and dissected numerous domains over the years, with emphasis on Data Management, Analytics and Data Science / AI
Some of my work is publicly available, for example with GigaOm, while other is tailor-ordered for clients ranging from VCs to Startups and Enterprises
Actionable advice, applicable solutions
If you need a fresh pair of eyes, creative thinking, integrity and experience to help approach any issue, i can help
What could you do to fight land corruption in Africa? How do you improve your server’s performance? How do you deal with conflict in the organization?
These are just some of the questions i can help you answer, as i have done for the likes of the Ocean Protocol, Transparency International and Vodafone.
Shape your message, reach your audience
If you are looking for someone to shape an engaging, original and to-the-point story, i can help.
I have honed my writing skills in areas ranging from technical documentation and reports to research publications, mainstream media stories and book chapters.
I’ve can help with your blog posts, content marketing, or any other type of writing, as i’ve done for the likes of Oracle, SAP, IBM, VentureBeat and ZDNet.
Originality, authenticity, engagement
If you need someone to educate and entertain your audience, or spread the word about your brand, i can help
I have a voice: I am an Onalytica Top 100 Influencer in Big Data and Cloud, an event organizer, and a podcast host
I have given talks in events such as Big Data Spain, Connected Data World, Data Natives, Graph + AI Summit, and more.
Well-documented domain knowledge, evergreen applications
If you believe that data-centric design is the foundation for digital transformation, i can help
I can model in UML, schemas, ontologies, or anything else you need. And i’ll make sure that domain knowledge is fully captured.
I have used those skills to create data models for solutions ranging from Smart Grid platforms to Social Media analytics.
Efficient management, out-of-the-box thinking, solid engineering
If you have an innovative idea, and want to create something the world has never seen, i can help.
From planning to dissemination and everything in between – proposals, consortia, architecture and engineering.
Been there, done that, got Tim Berners Lee to say we should be doing more of it.
Leading by example and experience
If you need someone to build and/or manage the team that gets the job done, i can help
Building, managing and inspiring the right team for the job is perhaps the hardest and yet more essential part of succeeding in your project.
I have done this for leading enterprises, stealth startups, and everything in between. On-site and remotely, with teams of all sizes and shapes.
Vision, knowledge and perseverance.
If you want to build the right thing the right way, within time and budget, i can help
From the strategic (“which market/segment should we be addressing”) to the tactical (“what features to include in release 5.6”).
I’ve built award-winning products used by thousands of people from the ground up; i can build yours too.