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GigaOM collaboration: Structure Europe 2013

There’s no need to say much in order to introduce GigaOM – a world class analyst firm that has disrupted the analyst business by, among other things, expanding the traditional analyst business model to include events. Last year i had the chance to participate in the first ever Structure:Europe event by GigaOM: the european incarnation of the flagship Structure events that have been rocking the US for the last years. The event was hosted in Amsterdam and was a great success: flawlessly organized, relevant and engaging – a great place to get up to date with the latest developments and meet interesting people.


This year, Structure:Europe is hosted in London on the 18th and 19th of September, and i will be there wearing a different hat. Linked Data Orchestration has turned from startup to consultancy, and i have joined the ranks of GigaOM as an analyst. So following up on the success of our first webinar on the Future of the Cloud in Europe (kudos to Jo Maitland, Jon Collins and Rene Buest for making this happen), on September 19th i will be taking the stage to host an analyst roundtable on The brave new linked data world.

Having attended as many sessions as possible in last year’s event and having been in what is now called the Big Data domain for years, one thing quickly became evident: for the vast majority of people, Big Data = Hadoop. While i can certainly understand why this is happening, i do not think it does justice either to Hadoop or to other technologies that can actually complement Hadoop in certain cases/areas where it is not an optimal solution. While i did try to articulate this point, it was treated like heresy by a Hadoop-minded audience. This year, and with a little help from like-minded friends such as Paul Miller, heresy unfolds.

The event has a rich agenda on all things cloud involving attendants and speakers from the likes of Google, Facebook, CERN and the UK administration, so there’s going to be something for everyone. I for one will make sure to attend the Selecting your cloud infrastructure in Europe session, where fellow-analysts will elaborate on the topics covered in the Future of the cloud in Europe webinar.

So see you in London! If you are interested in attending, be sure to drop me a line: there is the option for a few tickets at analyst-affiliate rates.

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