Agile business intelligence: reshaping the landscape

Agile business intelligence: reshaping the landscape

With all the intense activity going on lately, i realized i did not actually make a note of something quite significant: the report that was recently published via GigaOM and Linked Data Orchestration on the new landscape in Business Intelligence.

The report is titled “Agile business intelligence: reshaping the landscape” and highlights the crucial factors that will drive this domain forward. Our hope is that it will be useful for anyone interested in this domain.

Agile BI: External to the organization, simple, instant access

The report was underwritten by Tableau Analytics, and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with them. It must be noted however that in line with GigaOM and LDO professional ethics, the author is solely responsible for the content of the report, which has not been in any way biased by Tableu’s endorsement. Tableau (and other vendors mentioned in the report) are judged on a purely meritocratic way.

We hope you find the report interesting and remain at your disposal should you need any additional services on the topic.

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