Structure Data 2014 in NYC: A Quantum Leap

Structure Data 2014, where Strategy meets Data. Structure is Gigaom’s event for all things data and it’s really exciting to be able to make it there for the first time, joining 900+ big data practitioners, technologists and executives as they examine how big data can drive business success. If you want to get the bottom line on big data now, from grand new uses to the nuts and bolts of capturing, storing, analyzing and you  serving it,  this is the place to be.

Even though the schedule is not 100% finalized at this point, it’s close and it already looks super interesting. All the latest developments from the technical front, real-world use cases analyzed by organizations ranging from Metlife to the Salvation Army, plus the usual buzz of Gigaom events, where you get to meet and greet some of the world’s leading experts, executives and analysts.


D-Wave is one of the pioneers in the commercialization of Quantum Computing, a breakthrough in computing so disruptive that it’s unlike anything you can imagine: it could revolutionize the world as we know it.

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