Big Data Security: What does it take and what are the strategies for implementing it?

Recently we referred to Hadoop security, taking a sneak peek at things to come and announcing an upcoming Gigaom report on the topic. Now the time has come and we are happy to announce that the “Hadoop security: Solutions emerge” Gigaom report has been published. But that’s not all, and in this post we give an intro to the report plus a few more Big Data news.

There are many things to consider when it comes to Big Data security. Source: Stuart Miles,

There are many things to consider when it comes to Big Data security. Source: Stuart Miles,

But first things first. The report focuses the aspects of Hadoop security that we need to be aware of, and then proceeds to cover solutions in the area. Each solution is ranked based on the extent of the security aspects it covers, and in addition there is coverage of recent news in the market – acquisitions, vendor/product announcements etc. The report also includes a quick visual reference to this ranking as well as advice for the strategies organizations should adopt to secure their Big Data investment.

I enjoyed researching and writing up this topic, and now there is a bonus stage to be added for which your help is needed. As the report is distributed via Gigaom Research, you need to have a subscription in order to access it (free 7 day trial granted). But since i believe this topic will be of interest to a very broad audience, i have applied for a speaker slot to present it in the upcoming WebIT conference. And this is the part where i need your help: if you find the topic interesting and would like to have it presented at this top-rank event, please vote for me and share to get more votes!

What i can give back on my part is a sum-up of recent developments in the Hadoop arena, with a little help from my Gigaom friends. First, what you need to know about the new components in Hadoop, how they affect its architecture and why should care have been covered concisely by Anrew Brust. If you want to know more, there are 2 additional in-depth posts that cover Spark and Tez as well as Zettaset. And if you really want to get to the bottom of things, well, go get that Gigaom subscription and dive into the Big data and analytics 2014 second-quarter analysis and outlook. It’s really worth it!

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