Streaming hot: Real-time big data architecture matters

What is streaming in big data processing, why you should care, and what are your options to make this work for you?

Big data is a moving target, and it comes in waves: before the dust from each wave has settled, new waves in data processing paradigms rise. Streaming, aka real-time / unbounded data processing, is one of these new paradigms.

Many organizations have adopted it already, others have it in their radar, and almost every prediction for 2017 mentions it in one way or another. And if you’re one to go with analyst recommendations, Forrester sees real-time as a key step on the way to a real-time, agile, self-service data platform.

In this introduction to streaming we take a look at use cases and benefits, gloss over different architectural choices and their implications, and present a brief map of the solutions landscape.

So, what’s all the fuss about? Why would anyone go into the trouble of learning about yet another trend in big data, let alone investing the time and resources to adopt and implement it in their organization?

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