Staying agile: data-driven IT operations

Would you like to have an end-to-end picture of your IT operations, but are lost in translation among a myriad monitoring solutions and metrics? Your monitoring should be as agile as your operations, and OpsDataStore says it can help you get there.

You got your agile application development methodology, and your DevOps, continuous integration and release. You got your combination of bare metal and virtualization, private, hybrid, and public cloud.

Great. If you got them right, your application development cycle is quick and adaptive, which means time to market is short, and your deployment options are flexible and elastic, which means you can provision effectively.

The flip side of that is complexity and opaqueness. It means you have a polyglot development environment with many moving parts, and a multitude of heterogeneous testing and deployment environments with numerous virtualization layers constantly reconfiguring.

So how do you keep track of your end-to-end IT operations? By utilizing a multitude of monitoring solutions: application performance management, Ops and Networking management and so on.

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