Devs are from Mars, Ops are from Venus: Can analytics bridge the gap?

Devs are from Mars, Ops are from Venus: Can analytics bridge the gap?

Despite what they’d have you believe, Devs and Ops don’t always get along nicely. Pepperdata and LinkedIn think data and analytics may be the way to educate and show the impact of code running in production.

In a perfect world, DevOps (the culture of integrating software development and its day-to-day operation in the data center) should be seamless, with Devs and Ops working side by side in harmony and understanding each other’s playing field, options and consequences. In the real world, that is easier said than done.

Part of it may have to do with culture and workplace collaboration, but there’s no denying that there are also real issues that impede the ideal of seamless collaboration. It all comes down to being able to see the greater picture, and analytics may be able to lend a helping hand there.

A new initiative announced today by Pepperdata aims to tackle this exact issue, building on an open source project by LinkedIn and starting with the Hadoop world, but promising to expand its reach above and beyond.

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