Data Works, Hadoop 3.0 is round the corner, and ‘Horton Hatches the Egg’

Data Works, Hadoop 3.0 is round the corner, and ‘Horton Hatches the Egg’

What’s coming in Hadoop 3.0? How is Hortonworks’ strategy evolving? And what are some examples of open-source powered innovation in big data use cases?

This week Munich was host to DataWorks EMEA, one of the major big data events in the region as well as globally. The event, organized by Hortonworks and Yahoo, featured the latest and greatest from the world of open source innovation in big data, as well as a plethora of use cases from the field and the opportunity to get an in-depth view of Hortonworks’ current status and future plans.

To begin with, what could be more exciting to the Hadoop-dominated big data space than a new major version of the fiery beast? Hadoop 3.0 has been in the works for a while now, and although that’s no secret, it’s not exactly common knowledge either.

In any case having the chance to get a sneak peek on what’s cooking, and by one of Hadoop’s founding fathers no less, is not to be missed. So when Sanjay Radia spoke, everyone in the room listened.

Radia has co-founded Hortonworks, is part of Hadoop’s PMC as well as the architect of HDFS. Unlike what you might expect of a co-founder at a company of Hortonworks’ magnitude, but like many of his colleagues there, Radia is still very much actively engaged in engineering. His talk was dense, advanced, and algorithmically focused.

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