DataOps: Changing the world one organization at a time

DataOps: Changing the world one organization at a time

Uncertain about the benefits of going data-driven? Not sure how to get there? Here’s some advice from the people who built Facebook’s data infrastructure

Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma know a thing or two about big data. They led the team that built Facebook’s data infrastructure, and they are also the co-authors of the Apache Hive project and founders of Qubole. Facebook’s entire operation and culture is centered around data, and Thusoo and Sarma were a big part of making it happen.

As Thusoo explains, they both felt they have benefited enormously from this experience and wanted to share their insights so that others can benefit as well. To do this, Thusoo and Sarma co-authored a , which is out today and available for free download. Thusoo shared some of his insights, beginning on what DataOps is and why you should care.

DataOps is the equivalent of DevOps for data. The same way DevOps is about enabling a continuous and unobstructed flow of development and deployment of applications, DataOps is about enabling a continuous and unobstructed flow of access to and insights from data. Or in Thusoo’s own words:

“DataOps is a new way of managing data that promotes communication between, and integration of, formerly siloed data, teams, and systems. It takes advantage of process change, organizational realignment, and technology to facilitate relationships between everyone who handles data: developers, data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and business users. DataOps closely connects the people who collect and prepare the data, those who analyze the data, and those who put the findings from those analyses to good business use.”

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