Shipping to data: The case of Amazon Prime Day

Shipping to data: The case of Amazon Prime Day

Did you ever wonder how retail hallmarks like Amazon Prime Day and global shipping are connected? Freightos has the data to answer such questions, as it happens to be on a mission to disrupt the freight industry.

Zvi Schreiber was like most other people: Interested in getting the occasional bargain or a gift for their loved ones, but he wasn’t really knowledgeable about what it takes for goods to get to their doors. Like most people, Schreiber did not bother to learn more. He assumed there is some sophisticated mechanism taking care of business behind the scenes.

Like most people, Schreiber was wrong.

But unlike most people, in 2010, Schreiber was appointed as the CEO of Lightech, a company involved in electronics. As Lightech manufactured its products in China and shipped them to the US and Europe, Schreiber was up for a rude awakening. He soon realized there was no sophisticated IT system running the freight business.

Where others see problems, people like Schreiber see opportunities. Schreiber, a seasoned IT expert and entrepreneur, saw an opportunity. Fast forward to 2017: Schreiber is the CEO of Freightos, a 160-people strong global company that’s raised about $50 million and is working on disrupting the freight industry.

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