Elasticsearch 6.0: not that new, but quite improved

Elasticsearch 6.0: not that new, but quite improved

Elasticsearch is an open source platform that is about a lot more than just search. It entails a whole stack of solutions and is growing rapidly. Today its new version is out, and its CEO discusses the way forward.

Shay Banon has been called a person who has written more code than what is humanly possible. This has led him from working on a solution for search in his spare time to building an open source framework and a global company around that with clients such as eBay and Verizon.

Elasticsearch has come a long way and Elastic is about a lot more than search. Today Elastic is announcing version 6.0 of what is now an entire stack built around the core premise of search, and Banon as the recently appointed CEO discussed with ZDNet the past, present, and future of Elasticsearch and the trends shaping the industry.

Our conversation did not start with the new features of version 6.0. If you are part of the Elastic community, you may already know them. If not, you may not get very impressed at first sight. This is interesting in and by itself, but we thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on what Elasticsearch can and cannot do before embarking on a detailed discussion on new features.

When Banon started working on Elasticsearch, it was all about storing JSON and having a powerful search language. That was 8 years ago, and as he notes “NoSQL was all the rage. To me Elasticsearch was something I was passionate about, so I did not want to be part of any hype cycle. That would be shifting the focus from the value Elasticsearch can bring as a very powerful search solution.

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