Real-time applications are going places

Real-time applications are going places

Data streaming is the paradigm behind applications that can process data and act upon insights on the fly. Apache Flink, one of the key platforms in this area, is releasing new versions and getting traction. But there may be other players in this game soon, and not the ones you think.

Streaming is becoming more and more important, gaining traction and adoption by the day. In addition to the typical use cases when it comes to real-time data driven applications, namely financial services and IoT, other areas such as retail and programmatic advertising are now carrying the torch.

In the last few months, we have seen a flurry of new developments in this field from key players such as Apache Kafka and Apache Spark. This time, it’s Apache Flink’s turn to make a move, announcing not one, but two new versions: 1.4, which is out today on the first week of December, and 1.5, which will be out in the beginning of 2018.

Why the slightly unusual release schedule, what’s in the agenda, and where does it all fit in the big picture? ZDNet discussed with Apache Flink PMC member and dataArtisans CTO Stephan Ewen.

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