Welcome to the data-driven machine: Digital transformation in the construction industry

Welcome to the data-driven machine: Digital transformation in the construction industry

IoT is an enabler for unabridged data collection, which in turn enables new applications and business models. In the construction industry, some like Caterpillar have been doing it for years, others like Volvo CE are late into this game but catching up.

Building and operating the machines that make infrastructure and construction works such as roads, buildings and bridges possible is something that seldom gets mainstream attention. These machines may not seem as shiny and cool as cars for example, but in many ways they are not just more important, but more advanced as well.

It’s not just that without them none of the material to build everything the industry builds would not be available, transportation would be a major issue, and everything we come to take for granted would be disrupted. Compared with cars, there are some interesting facts that stand out about these machines.

There are fewer of those machines around, they represent a greater investment to build, purchase and operate, they often need to work in collaborative formations of rainbow fleets and in challenging environments, and there are just a few players building them.

These have contributed to a perfect storm unfolding in the construction industry. ZDNet discussed with key people from industry leaders Caterpillar and Volvo CE on how going data-driven and using IoT is transforming their business.

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