Fit by Data: Where data and fitness overlap

Fit by Data: Where data and fitness overlap

Committing to stay fit is a typical new year’s resolution, but one that just as typically goes down the drain soon. Could it be that it’s not entirely your fault, and what’s data got to do with it?

What’s data got to do with staying fit? If anything, intuitively one would think that working with data is something that is prone to make people whose job revolves around this less, rather than more, fit: a sedentary work routine does not help much there.

It certainly worked that way for Ethan Agarwal. After putting on some weight in business school, Agarwal was thrust into a fast-paced, highly demanding job at McKinsey that required a lot of travel, making his schedule unpredictable. Agarwal says that when evaluating existing options for guidance in getting back in shape and returning to a healthy lifestyle, he came up empty.

This is where it starts getting interesting, because Agarwal decided to do something about it. Since Agarwal did not have the time to join a regular fitness program, and did not stay long enough in one place to commit to one even if he did find the time, he decided what he needed was motivation and guidance delivered through an app, thus Aaptiv was born.

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