The Reskilling Revolution: Taking control of skills with Open Badges

The Reskilling Revolution: Taking control of skills with Open Badges

In a rapidly shifting job market, being able to formalize skills is a requirement for job seekers and employers going forward. Open Badges is a data specification that may be able to help do that.

The future of work is one of today’s most pressing issues, and the role technology plays in this is key. We are living in the era of what has been called Industry 4.0. AI, machine learning and big data-driven automation means more and more tasks carried out by people today are becoming redundant.

It is argued that this does not necessarily mean that jobs will become redundant, but rather that workers will be supported by automation, thus becoming more efficient. The truth however is nobody really knows at this point how this will all play out. Could technology also help deal with this crisis?

At the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, the future of work was one of the topics that took center stage. The WEF has issued a couple of related reports, postulating on alternative scenarios for the future of work and focusing on what it calls the reskilling revolution. The takeaway is we have the tools to reskill for the future, but where is the will to use them?

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