The importance of linking data and people The importance of linking data and people

Notepads, graphs, data lakes, collaboration, and data manifestos. has an interesting blend of philosophy and technology going on — and it all converges around one thing: Facilitating data-driven analysis by making it a team sport.

Getting is not very easy.

That’s because seems to be working on the intersection of a number of things. What is it that it does exactly, how, and why?

As of today, is officially releasing the enterprise version of its platform, and ZDNet had an in-depth discussion with’s team to address those questions.

To understand where is coming from, we took a step back to discuss data-related issues the team has had to deal with regularly. CEO Brett Hurt and CPO Jon Loyens co-founded and referred to their experiences in previous roles in enterprises such as Bazaarvoice and Homeaway. Loyens, for example, referred to his magic spreadsheet, which should ring a bell:

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