GPU databases are coming of age

GPU databases are coming of age

GPUs are powering a new generation of databases. What is so special about them and can they come into their own?

GPUs are that obscure object of desire right now. Originally created to provide better performance for gamers, now everyone from crypto miners to deep-learning experts wants a piece of them.

Increased demand for cryptocurrency mining and competition for memory modules has created a perfect storm driving GPU prices to skyrocket. That’s bad news for users, but great for GPU manufacturers like Nvidia.

We have elaborated on ZDNet on how Nvidia has gone from gamer’s delight to AI powerhouse. Just looking at the agenda at GTC, Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference taking place this week in Silicon Valley, confirms this transition.

But why should you care about GPUs if you’re not into AI, gaming, or crypto? Because GPUs can also accelerate your databases, and there’s not a single organization today not using one.

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