Modernizing Hadoop: Reaching the plateau of productivity

Modernizing Hadoop: Reaching the plateau of productivity

What’s new in Hadoop, and how is vendor dynamics and strategy evolving?

Hadoop is not what it used to be, and we mean this in a good way.

If we were to speak in hype cycle terms, we would say sometime in the past few years Hadoop exited the peak of inflated expectations and entered the plateau of productivity. So the fact that you may not hear about it as much is a good thing.

After all, as ZDNet’s Andrew Brust pointed out, you don’t hear much about TCP/IP either, and that’s because it’s been there for a while and it just works. The analogy with Hadoop is not directly 1-to-1 though, and that’s because Hadoop is still evolving in significant ways.

There are the eye-catching ones, such as support for data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, GPUs, and edge computing. And then there’s also progress on less shiny items, but ones which could arguably make an even bigger difference in day-to-day operations, such as metadata and governance, containers, and storage in the cloud.

Among Hadoop vendors, Hortonworks is the one that’s closer to Hadoop’s open source foundation. Last week, Hortonworks’ partners and clients showcased progress on all of those fronts, and discussed the way forward in the DataWorks EMEA Summit in Berlin. Let’s take a look at what’s going on, and how the Big Data landscape is evolving

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