GDPR in real life: Fear, uncertainty, and doubt

GDPR in real life: Fear, uncertainty, and doubt

Part one: Why are most organizations still not ready for GDPR? And what are the implications and mechanisms of applying GDPR provisions for companies, individuals, and regulators?

Despite all the talk about GDPR, as we are entering the final stretch before it kicks in, there’s a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. GDPR is complex, and many aspects of how it will work in practice remain unclear even for experts. ZDNet discussed it with a wide range of experts, aiming to decipher the real-life applicability and impact of GDPR.

In this first part, we focus on the reasons why most organizations are not ready to deal with GDPR, the chances of US-based organizations being scrutinized under GDPR, and the process and expectations for individuals wishing to exercise their rights under GDPR. The second part will cover GDPR on premise and in the cloud, and its impact on data governance, transparency, and innovation.


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