More graph databases. The Year of the Graph Newsletter Vol. 8, December 2018

The Year of the Graph Newsletter: December 2018

Redis announces RedisGraph and a benchmark, TigerGraph goes AWS, AWS hands-on experiences, new features from Stardog and AnzoGraph, Graphs and Machine Learning, GraphQL, Atlas, DBpedia, Connected Data London and the Year of the Graph.

I often get asked about graph databases – what they are, what are they good for, how to choose one, as well as more specific questions. This is why i have published the Year of the Graph report to answer all those questions. Lately i have been presenting the Year of the Graph in various venues, including Big Data Spain, one of the biggest and most forward-looking events in Europe.

Slides and video from this talk are now online. If after watching you are sold on the idea of boosting your understanding of graph databases and making an educated choice, you have about one month until the end of 2018 to get the report at a bargain price. This is when code 20OFF expires – start pitching to your boss now.

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