Business intelligence, meet graph. Neo4j introduces BI connector for data discovery tools

Business intelligence, meet graph. Neo4j introduces BI connector for data discovery tools

Mixing graph and relational data is now even more accessible. What does this mean for analytics, and for graph databases specifically?

It was only a couple of weeks back that we introduced what was then the latest development in the graph database world. Graph databases and analytics are getting ever more accessible and relevant, was our opener. Well, they are, and vendors seem to be going through a virtuous circle of innovation.

Today it’s Neo4j’s turn to announce a new feature that lowers the bar for graph database adoption. Neo4j announced today the Neo4j BI connector, which it dubs the first enterprise-ready driver to bring graph data to the Business Intelligence (BI) market. The connector presents live graph datasets for analysis within popular BI technologies such as Tableau or Looker.

Although Neo4j worked with multiple customers as well as partners like EY to do extensive testing of leading BI and data discovery providers including Tableau and others, the announcement does not include partnerships with such vendors. As David Allen, Neo4j Technology Partner Architect told ZDNet, Neo4j will likely establish more formal partnerships in this area over time as a function of customer and market demand.

Tools for data discovery and visualization are already quite common in the graph database world. Neo4j is no exception, as in addition to its own tools, it also integrates with an array of 3rd party tools. But the idea behind the BI connector is apparently to meet users where they are.

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