A Gmail for databases: CockroachDB aims for the top, stocks up with $86.6M new funding

A Gmail for databases: CockroachDB aims for the top, stocks up with .6M new funding

Stay-at-home means more remote work and more online business globally. Global business online means a global database makes more sense, and Cockroach DB is making a play for a bigger piece of a growing pie

CockroachDB is an open-source database that is resilient, supports automatic geo-scaling on-premise and in the cloud, and SQL. It has also shown strong growth for the last couple of years. Its next challenge, as ZDNet’s own Tony Baer noted on the occasion of its funding round last year, was making the case that its platform is not just for the elite usual suspects.

Baer went on to add that’s where the cloud may play a key role. Fast forward to today, and that plan seems to have been rapidly accelerated. Cockroach Labs, the company behind CockroachDB, today announced $86.6 million in series D funding co-led by Altimeter Capital and BOND with participation from Benchmark, GV, Index Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Tiger Capital.

ZDNet connected with Cockroach Labs CEO Spencer Kimball, to discuss the details of the deal, and Cockroach Labs’ plans.

Today’s round brings Cockroach Labs’ total funding to $195 million. That’s quite a lot for a company founded in 2015, and focused heavily on engineering, as we documented in February 2019. There’s a couple of other things that stand out about today’s funding round, too.

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