Fluree, the graph database with blockchain inside, goes open source

Fluree, the graph database with blockchain inside, goes open source

A hitherto under the radar graph database that uses blockchain to support data lineage and verification wants to take over the world, starting with the US Department of Defense

Fluree is not a very straightforward product to get. To some extent, that goes for all data management systems. More so for graph databases. Even more so for blockchain-based systems.

Fluree combines a graph database with blockchain. And it just switched to open source, after scoring a $1.5 million seed extension round as part of its DoD contract. ZDNet caught up with Brian Platz, Fluree co-founder and co-CEO, to try and unpack all that.

Fluree was founded in 2016 by Platz and veteran entrepreneur Flip Filipowski. Platz said he and Filipowski have been working together for about 20 years now. Managing data more effectively, not only for their products but also when working for customers and seeing the struggles that they had, has been top of mind for them, said Platz:

The team spent years building, and in some cases rebuilding, the product. In 2018 a beta version was released, followed by a community edition, now counting 15.000 users. In 2019 a commercial version was released, adding extra features, services, and support to the community edition. Platz said about 60% of the company is R&D.

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