Lightning-fast Python for 100x faster performance from Saturn Cloud, now available on Snowflake

Lightning-fast Python for 100x faster performance from Saturn Cloud, now available on Snowflake

Python, the most popular language for data science and machine learning, gets a huge boost from Dask, an open source framework for running it in a distributed way on top of GPUs. Saturn Cloud, a startup offering Dask as service, is now a Snowflake partner, making Dask available to the masses

Python is the programming language of choice for most data science and machine learning work. Or, to be more precise, Python’s ecosystem. This is what makes Python so popular, as, with so many libraries and frameworks built around it, users are spoiled for choice. Some of those libraries have made a name for themselves, and are even the subject of academic acclaim.

There’s just one problem. Python is not always the fastest environment in which to run data science and machine learning tasks. By now it’s more or less common knowledge that machine learning tasks are typically greatly accelerated when run on GPUs, but what about the rest of the data science pipelines?

Enter Dask. Dask is an open-source framework whose goal is to natively scale Python. Nvidia adopted Dask by hiring its creator, Matthew Rocklin. Dask has been around for several years, and companies are adopting it at a certain pace. Saturn Cloud, a startup founded by Hugo Shi and Sebastian Metti, saw a path for enterprise adoption that could be much faster.

Today, Saturn Cloud is announcing a partnership with Snowflake, enabling access to Dask to a broader audience, and making that path even faster. ZDNet connected with Metti to discuss Saturn Cloud’s vision and execution.

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