Pinecone, a serverless vector database for machine learning, leaves stealth with $10M funding

Pinecone, a serverless vector database for machine learning, leaves stealth with M funding

Machine learning applications understand the world through vectors. Pinecone, a specialized cloud database for vectors, has secured significant investment from the people who brought Snowflake to the world. Could this be the next big thing?

Built by the team behind Amazon SageMaker. Having attracted investment by Wing Venture Capital, with Wing’s Founding Partner and early Snowflake investor, Peter Wagner, joining startup Pinecone’s board and comparing Pinecone’s potential impact to Snowflake. Supporting critical workloads at one of the world’s largest retailers today.

That’s quite a pedigree for a previously unknown company. Pinecone, a machine learning cloud infrastructure company, left stealth today with $10m in seed funding led by Wing Venture Capital. So what makes Pinecone special, rather than yet another database? ZDNet caught up with Pinecone CEO and founder, scientist and former AWS Director Edo Liberty to find out.

Liberty was trained as a scientist and spent most of his life as an academic, developing and writing papers and research on machine learning and systems. He spent seven years at Yahoo’s machine learning group and about three years in AWS, building SageMaker, AWS’s machine learning platform.

Liberty founded Pinecone in May 2019, to address what he believes is one of the most crucial components in being able to deploy large scale machine learning solutions: Vectors. For machine learning practitioners, that already says a lot. For the rest of the world, Liberty elaborated on what vectors are and why they are important:

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