Up and to the right: TigerGraph scores $105M Series C funding, the Graph market is growing

Up and to the right: TigerGraph scores 5M Series C funding, the Graph market is growing

The largest funding round to date in the graph market is good news not just for TigerGraph, but for the market at large

We were not really planning on a recap of the graph market. But sometimes news has a way of getting in the way of plans, and the news of TigerGraph announcing it has raised $105 million in Series C funding changed our plans.

TigerGraph is a graph database vendor we have covered since it exited stealth in 2017, and we see the progress it has made in a little over 3 years as a tell-tale for graph at large. TigerGraph’s Series C was led by Tiger Global and brings TigerGraph’s total funding raised to over $170 million.

This was the backdrop of our conversation with TigerGraph CEO Yu Xu and COO Todd Blaschka. We discussed TigerGraph’s evolution and the evolution of the graph landscape at large.

The last time we connected with TigerGraph was almost a year ago, at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. In what feels like much longer than a year, TigerGraph has gone through the adjustment period many businesses have. Among them, data and analytics vendors may even be on the winning side results-wise, owing to the accelerated pace of digital transformation.

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