Open-source software economics and community health analytics: Enter CHAOSS

Open-source software economics and community health analytics: Enter CHAOSS

Trying to capture the value open-source software generates can be a bit chaotic. The CHAOSS project may lend a helping hand.

The fun and games in the world of commercial open source software never stop. In the latest episodes of a long-winding saga, two more commercial open source vendors, Elastic and Grafana, changed their licenses.

The way they did it may be different, but the underlying rationale seems similar. Shay Bannon and Raj Dutt, the CEOs of Elastic and Grafana, respectively, used different wording when announcing the license change.

Bannon explicitly referred to AWS and Amazon Elasticsearch Service as the reason for the license change, while Dutt described the move as balancing value creation and revenue creation while maintaining an open-source philosophy.

There are other differences, too. Elastic transitioned to the Server Side Public License (SSPL), one that is not recognized as an open-source license by the OSI, while Grafana switched to AGPLv3, which is a bona fide open source license.

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