Aporia takes aim at ML observability, responsible AI and more

Aporia takes aim at ML observability, responsible AI and more

Is there a line connecting machine learning observability to explainability, leading to responsible AI? Aporia, an observability platform for machine learning, thinks so.

After launching its platform in 2021, and seeing good traction, Aporia today announced a $25 million series A funding round.

Aporia CEO and cofounder Liran Hason met with VentureBeat to discuss Aporia’s vision, its inner workings and its growth.

Hason, who founded Aporia in 2019, has a background in software engineering. After a five-year stint in the elite technological unit of the Israeli intelligence forces, he joined Adallom, a cloud security startup that was later acquired by Microsoft. Following that, he spent three years investing in early-stage companies, mostly in AI and cybersecurity, while working at Vertex Ventures.

Throughout his career, Hason saw the good and the not-so-good side of machine learning, and experienced first-hand the tantalizing process of bringing machine learning to production. This is what inspired him to start Aporia to help companies monitor their machine learning models.

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