Faros AI raises $16M to shine a light on developer productivity, launches free open source platform

Faros AI raises M to shine a light on developer productivity, launches free open source platform

What if what you think you know about developer productivity and the value of software is off the mark, and that is hurting the quality of your software, the operation of your organization, as well as your bottom line?

Vitaly Gordon started Salesforce Einstein in a basement with 5 people in 2016. It did not take too long for it to grow into an unequivocal success for Salesforce: improving internal company operations, used by over 10K customers, producing over 10 billion predictions every day, as well as cutting edge research, with hundreds of people working on it.

So why is Gordon not enjoying the fruits of his labor at Salesforce?

Because, as he put it, they were not practicing what they preach. Gordon realized that engineering teams in organizations are not at all data-driven as they should be. He left his role as VP, Data Science and Engineering at Salesforce Einstein and embarked on a quest to make software engineering data-driven, along with some of his former colleagues.

Faros AI is the company Gordon co-founded in 2019 to provide engineering teams with deep visibility into their operations so they can ship products faster. The Faros Engineering Operations Platform is already in use by the likes of Box, Coursera, and GoFundMe.

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