Streaming graph analytics: ThatDot’s open-source framework Quine is gaining interest

What do you get when you combine two of the most up-and-coming paradigms in data processing — streaming and graphs? Likely a potential game-changer, at least that’s what is being hinted at by the likes of DARPA and now CrowdStrike’s Falcon Fund, which are betting on ThatDot and its open-source framework Quine.

The CrowdStrike Falcon Fund is an investment vehicle managed by CrowdStrike, in partnership with Accel, that makes cross-stage private investments within cybersecurity and adjacent markets.

DARPA is also known to have an interest in cybersecurity, which is what the company claims motivated its decision to fund the development of the new framework recently released by ThatDot as an open-source project.

While many solutions exist on the market both for streaming data processing as well as for graph analytics, oftentimes working in tandem, ThatDot cofounder and CEO Ryan Wright claims that Quine’s technology is unique, enabling it to scale to orders of magnitude beyond the capabilities of other systems

Wright discussed with VentureBeat the key premises behind Quine and ThatDot, as well as the practical aspects of using Quine and the next steps in its evolution.

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