Alation details its data intelligence strategy

Data quality, a subset of data intelligence, is a topic that many enterprise executives are concerned about — with 82% citing data quality as a barrier for their businesses. With many data quality solutions with different approaches available in the market, how do you choose?

Alation’s CEO and cofounder Satyen Sangani said that today’s announcement of its Alation Open Data Quality Initiative (ODQI) for the modern data stack is designed to provide customers with the freedom of choice and flexibility when selecting the best data quality and data observability vendors to fit the needs of their modern, data-driven organizations.

Alation’s Open Data Quality Framework (ODQF) opens up Alation Data Catalog to any data quality vendor in the data management ecosystem and modern data stack. Initially, data quality and data observability providers such as Acceldata, Anomalo, Bigeye, Experian, FirstEigen, Lightup and Soda have joined, as well as industry partners including Capgemini and Fivetran.

Some of those were Alation’s partners already, while others are new and drawn to the idea of having a standard to coalesce around. The company hopes ODQF will rise to become the de facto standard.

Sangani, who has a background in economics and stints in financial analytics and product management at Oracle, cofounded Alation in 2012. However, the company stayed in stealth until 2015, working with a handful of customers to define what the product and what the company was really out to achieve and for whom.

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