Using graph-powered analytics to keep track of ESG in the real world

What does sustainability actually mean for organizations? Can it be measured, and if yes, how so? Often, these are obvious questions with less-than-obvious answers, even for sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) professionals like James Phare.

Phare is the CEO and founder of Neural Alpha, a sustainable fintech company based in London. He spent most of his career working in financial services, advising businesses on how to manage data as an asset, design data governance policies, proactively manage quality and deliver better analytics.

After having worked with the likes of the Man Group, Commerce Bank and HSBC, helping implement data warehouse and business intelligence solutions for compliance, know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering initiatives, Phare got re-acquainted with sustainability in 2016 and decided to make it his day job. Refocusing attention on sustainability and its relationship with the ESG space, Phare shared some of his insights about its current state and trajectory and how data and analytics can help.

Phare’s background is in economics. As he shared, a big part of that was applied economics and economic history, including modules on international development and environmental economics.

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