I’m George Anadiotis, and Linked Data Orchestration is my brand

I’m an Analyst, Journalist, Consultant, Researcher, Engineer, Entrepreneur

Get the lowdown on any market or solution
If you are trying to make an educated purchase or investment decision, i can help.
I have approached and dissected numerous domains over the years, from Business Process Management to Agile BI.
Be it publicly working with Gigaom or under NDAs with stealth startups, being on 1st-name basis with vendor CxOs helps there.
Get grounded advice and solutions for strategic or tactical issues
How should you approach and model opportunities and problems? What are the right solutions for you? Should you build, rent or buy?
What could you do to fight land corruption in Africa? How do you improve your server’s performance?
These are just some of the questions i can help you answer, as i have done for the likes of Transparency International and Vodafone.
Get your message out effectively to your audience of choice
Never underestimate the power of concise and engaging story-telling and presentation. As in “this is what it’s all about and why it matters”.
I’ve done this for the likes of SAP and IBM, in articles, reports, webinars and presentations, social media and real life.
Got something to tell the world, want to get coverage or maybe a speaker for your event? Great, pitch me.
Get a solid foundation, build user-centric functionality
I always had a thing for data modeling, and i’ve honed those skills to model anything from Smart Grid solutions to Argumentation structure.
User-centric design on the other hand i picked up along the way, but i learned from the best and it turned out to be an essential skill.
I’ve applied those to build applications and create analytics solutions among others, and i can help you build anything you want to.
Get solid engineering and management and out-of-the-box thinking, combined
Got something to build? Want to pursuit a disruptive idea, to create something the world has never seen?
From planning to dissemination and everything in between – proposals, consortia, architecture and engineering.
Been there, done that, got Tim Berners Lee to say we should be doing more of it.
Get someone to build and/or manage the team that gets the job done
Building, managing and inspiring the right team for the job is perhaps the hardest and yet more essential part of succeeding in your project.
The OTE group or my own startups. Engineering rock stars in a room, cross-functional teams across the globe.
I have done this with teams of all sizes and shapes. What about your team?
Get to build the right thing the right way, within time and budget
Managing products takes vision, knowledge and perseverance.
From the strategic (“which market/segment should we be addressing”) to the mundane (“what features to include in release 5.6”).
I’ve built award-winning products used by thousands of people from the ground up, i can build yours too.
Get the guidance you need to keep on learning and evolving
Do you want to educate yourself and your team on a new topic, or others about what you do?
Object Oriented principles, Knowledge-based modeling & applications, Application Server management and Business Plan development.
These are just some of the courses i’ve given for business people, engineers and MSc students over the years.