I’m George Anadiotis, and Linked Data Orchestration is my brand

I’m an Analyst, Consultant, Engineer, Founder, Host, Researcher, and Writer

I help organizations:

  • Map and understand complex domains to make better decisions;
  • Design, implement and monitor processes and systems to achieve goals
  • Craft communication strategies and outreach initiatives to grow awareness and market share
  • I’ve Got Tech, Data, AI and Media, and i’m not afraid to use them

    Coming from a Computer Science background, i’ve had the chance to learn to play multiple instruments on the way to becoming a one-man band and an orchestrator:

  • Building and managing projects, products and teams of all sizes and shapes
  • Leading award-winning R&D in research and industry organizations
  • Serving Fortune 500 companies, startups and NGOs as a consultant
  • Mapping and explaining emerging domains as a Gigaom analyst
  • Contributing to publications such as ZDNet and VentureBeat
  • Running top tier events such as Connected Data World and What’s new in AI
  • Hosting the Orchestrate All The Things podcast
  • Writing the first book on Personal Knowledge Graphs
  • Creating data models for a number of application domains