I’ve got Technology, Data, and Media. Here’s how i use them.

I have been doing analyst work for years, yet got my break in the mainstream sort of serendipitously
After deciding to let go of my first startup and while looking for my next project, i got in touch with GigaOm.
GigaOm was expanding in Europe and looking for experienced analysts, i joined them, and the rest is history.
This is a market i have been actively involved in for almost 20 years in a number of roles.
After independently publishing the Year of the Graph report, GigaOm commissioned these reports for its audience.
Developer Economics is the leading research program on mobile, desktop, IoT, and cloud developers.
The 2016 Q1 edition tracked experiences from more than 21,000 developers in over 150 countries and across platforms, revenues, apps, languages, tools, APIs and segments.
Working with SlashData we analyzed results, highlighted trends and provided insights on how those will change the software landscape.
The first report to highlight the importance of agility and cloud features for BI, preceeding Gartner by 8 full months.
The project was initiated independently, capitalizing on insights gained while mapping the competitive landscape my startup.
The report was endorsed and marketed by GigaOm and sponsored by Tableau.
I help organizations get the information, educated opinions and hands-on help they need to tackle a wide array of issues.
From strategic to tactical, from dealing with land corruption in Africa and navigating market opportunities to resolving internal conflicts and server optimization.
No matter what the issue is, delivering the best possible result in the given timeframe is my mission.
Transparency International has been working on fighting corruption in sub Saharan Africa, aiming to secure land rights.
In order to face challenges related to the complex and fragmented administrative, legislative and technological landscape in the region, TI commissioned research to develop a conceptual model of information to document the current situation and pave the way forward.
Our methodology, models and proof of concept were implemented and published in the World Bank Land and Poverty conference.
The Ocean Protocol Foundation aims to unlock data, for more equitable outcomes for users of data, using a thoughtful application of both technology and governance.
They commissioned me to help produce their Whitepaper, which is a defining moment in the life of every Web 3 organization and involved much more than writing – clarifying foundational concepts and navigating conflict.
The result did not come easy, but it was a success. It helped shape and clarify concepts both internally and externally, and was the foundation for a number of subsequent papers.
Vodafone Greece was facing issues with one of their application servers, causing performance degradation and downtime.
Commissioned to propose solutions, i conducted stress tests, investigated and documented what-if scenarios.
A report was delivered to document findings and server performance was optimized based on those.
I started as a columnist for ZDNet’s Big on Data in 2016, bringing years of writing experience to the team.
I have been expanding the column’s traditional focus on analytics and data management to include innovation in areas like AI, Blockchain, and Open Source.
By January 2017, i had set a new readership record. I also write for VentureBeat, work with clients directly, and i’m publishing the first book on Personal Knowledge Graphs
“Made my day, by far the best article about advances in AI I came across in 2022. Great work”.
Daniel Trier, IT Managed Services Provider Executive.
A fluid conversation about research origins, practical applications and new directions.
Widely quoted, one of the most popular articles across VentureBeat.
Here’s what it is, what it means for the world at large, when it’s expected to take effect, and what experts from the Mozilla Foundation have to say about it..
In depth and to the point analysis ahead of the curve.
Being able to talk through your points is a must if you want to get them across. Over time, i have found my voice, and built a diverse audience.
I enjoy talking about my own work just as much as i enjoy moderating conversations and inviting others to share the stage.
I have been co-organizing Connected Data World since 2018 and running my own podcast since 2020. I was listed as an Onalytica Top 100 Influencer in Big Data and Cloud for 2019.
I have been giving talks & keynotes on innovation and emerging technology for more than 20 years, for audiences ranging from researchers to VCs and from Tech Leads to CxOs.
I have covered a wide array of topics: presenting work my team did, sharing the latest trends, deep-diving in emerging technology, or breaking down markets.
I believe that technical audiences and decision makers should not be the only ones to be in the know on transformative technology.
I try to keep things simple and refrain from using jargon as much as possible. I am happy to address broad audiences whenever i get the chance.
I have been interviewing people and coordinating conversations on and off the record over a period spanning more than 20 years.
It started with domain expert interviews and moved to meeting coordination. Interviewing CEOs and Tech Leads and coordinating panels is different, but not that different.
Besides other people’s events and webinars, since 2018 i have been co-organizing Connected Data World, and since 2020 i have been hosting my own Orchestrate All the Things Podcast. I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with the likes of Gary Marcus, Andrew Ng and an ever-growing list of leaders & innovators.
I believe in building models that are as simple as possible, but not simpler, and have been doing that for years.
Whatever the reason for approaching a domain, a model that captures it in an accurate and flexible way is essential.
Formalism, models, meta-models and tools are useful, but it all comes down to having the right model for the task at hand.
Integrating Energy Management Systems can drive innovation and provide added value services for citizens and public authorities.
Working with domain experts, we surveyed the field, devised a methodology and created a Common Information Model to unify disparate Energy Management Systems, based on profiling and extending the IEC 61970 standard.
The model is used in a number of applications and has been published as a result of the BESOS EU Research Project.
Applying collaborative decision making on a wide scale in the real world requires interoperability and intelligence.
Towards this end we introduced an ontology and algorithms building on the state of the art in Problem Modelling, Idea Management and Collective Decision Making.
This model powers Local Government and Professional Associations and was featured in the World Wide Web conference in 2012.
Digital Transformation in the Army means empowering the chain of command and control to operate more efficiently.
Data pertaining to the entire spectre of military operations was collected, analyzed and integrated in a data warehouse.
The warehouse provided an overview of strategic and tactical data via a secure dedicated access point
I have a track record in taking emerging technology out of the lab and using it in the real world.
It takes technical ability, business acumen and communication skills to identify opportunities and gain momentum in an organization.
It’s a huge challenge, but it pays off handsomely when done right.
As the lead architect in a key project in one of Europe’s biggest telcos i pioneered principles and technologies in use there since 2002
Business Process Management modeling and implementation, Enterprise Application Integration, Object-Oriented design and modular, Component-based architecture, Message Queues and Application Servers.
Using them in production ahead of the competition helped establish the organization as the market leader in SE Europe.
As the R&D Director of an SME for 4 years, i championed a number of technologies and approaches that took it to the next level.
Research on and integration of semantic technologies in core products, introduction and operationalization of Agile Development, DevOps, Content & Knowledge Management, and the release of internal R&D projects via Open Source licences
Working on the intersection of Software Engineering, Knowledge Management and Participatory Decision Making positioned the as a leader in the the market and resulted in a number of publications, projects and awards.
The Billion Triple Challenge is a competition that runs every year in the context of the International Semantic Web Conference.
Researchers from around the world compete for the most innovative and efficient answer to the question: “what can you do with a billion RDF data points”.
I have led collective efforts of all sizes and shapes through the years, from enterprise-wide initiatives to ad-hoc hackathon groups.
I stand for leading by example, inspiring and getting the most out of any person and situation. It works for everyone and it gets results.
If building a dream team is an option, great, if not, it’s still all about empowering people to be the best version of themselves.
What if we could use open data and crowdsourcing to deal with climate change? This what-if idea got far.
From getting one person to join in a hackathon to leading an ad-hoc group of 12 to work in one room for 48 hours for the NASA Space Apps Challenge is quite a distance.
Turbulent times require clear steering, and that i provided managing the EAI Department for this major solution provider.
The department was reorganized, new recruits were hired and trained, and our key project was delivered within time and budget.
This enabled the company to successfully handle a changing market with threatening competition at a time of crisis.
Leading a cross-functional team of dozens with variable background and experience levesl for one of Europe’s biggest telcos is hard.
Evangelizing, teaching and applying cutting-edge technology to deliver the organization’s core business platform meeting extraordindary requirements is no easy feat either.
It worked, delivered results and established a trust relationship that resulted in a continuous flow of follow-up projects.
I help organizations develop products that get market traction and win awards.
I can define product scope, features, and architecture, and research, select or develop solutions for the entire product stack.
Equally important however, i can work in cross-functional teams to shape, steer, manage and market products.
DOME and HueMate are a set of Smart Home – Building Automation solutions for energy efficiency and user comfort.
DOME and HueMate automate user interactions with buildings, making their management more efficient and improving user experience.
DOME and HueMate are used to enable energy savings of more than 25-30% for 15.000 building occupants.
Key technologies: Machine Learning, Internet of Things.
Knowledge Accelerator is a knowledge management platform.
Knowledge Accelerator helps organizations organize, search for and retrieve information in all formats.
Knowledge Accelerator is used by clients such as the Greek Yellow Pages to manage their directory and assets.
Key technologies: Semantic Technologies, Information Retrieval.
eDialogos is an enterprise content & community platform.
eDialogos offers a suite of tools to help organizations build and manage their online content & communities.
eDialogos was nominated for the European eGovernment Awards in 2009 and used by clients such as The Pappas Post and EAACI.
Key technologies: Semantic Technologies, Social Media.