Orchestrate all the Things Newsletter

Orchestrate all the Things Newsletter

Connecting the dots with George Anadiotis: Analyst, Consultant, Engineer, Founder, Host, Researcher, and Writer

Stories about Tech, Data, AI and Media and how they flow into each other shaping our lives

I’ve engaged from the likes of Gary Marcus and Andrew Ng to emerging thinkers and innovators across multiple domains. My stories are featured on ZDNet and VentureBeat.

Some might call this futurism; let’s just say it’s connecting the dots.

Many of my stories have a technical focus. Most also examine business perspectives and use cases, while others are socio-technical.

Some are analyses on emerging themes – picking them up early, featuring expert comment, or offering alternative takes.

Others cover breaking news, typically also featuring the people behind them plus some analysis. There are some book reviews as well.

I focus on the connection between data, analytics, data science, graphs, machine learning and AI and their impact on business and society.

I have been covering topics related to Data, Analytics and Data Science, AI and Machine Learning, Innovation, Graphs, as well as a wide array of technologies such as Blockchain, Cloud, Observability, IoT, Open Data and Open Source, Social Media and Software Engineering.

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Stories about how Technology, Data, AI and Media flow into each other shaping our lives.
Analysis, Essays, Interviews and News. Mid-to-long form, 1-3 times per month.


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The future of AI chips: Leaders, dark horses and rising stars

The future of AI chips is about more than NVIDIA: AMD, Intel, chiplets, upstarts, analog AI, optical computing, and AI chips designed by AI. By George Anadiotis The interest and investment in AI is skyrocketing, and generative AI is fueling it. Over one-third of CxOs have reportedly already embraced GenAI in their operations, with nearly half […]
Feb 13, 202414 min read

Data management in 2024. Open data formats and a common language for a sixth data platform

What data management in 2024 and beyond will look like hangs on one question. Can open data formats lead to a best-of-breed data management platform? It will take Interoperability across clouds and formats, as well as on the semantics and governance layer. By George Anadiotis Sixth Platform. Atlas. Debezium. DCAT. Egeria. Nessie. Mesh. Paimon. Transmogrification. This […]
Jan 11, 202412 min read

What are the important questions to ask when developing or using AI? Long views on AI, Part 2

What does fairness in AI mean, and is it relevant in your use case? This question is posed by Beena Ammanath. Ammanath is the Global Head of the Deloitte AI Institute, Founder of Humans For AI and Board Member of AnitaB.org, as well as an author. I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with her a couple […]
Dec 19, 20235 min read

How LinkedIn is moving towards a skills-based economy with the Skills Graph

What is a skills-based economy and how is LinkedIn moving from vision to implementation? As LinkedIn Director of Engineering Sofus Macskássy shares, there’s AI, taxonomy, and ontology involved in building the Skills Graph that powers it. By George Anadiotis Skills are the new currency. That’s a bold statement, coming from LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky. Roslansky makes […]
Dec 13, 202313 min read

What is the right balance between innovation and regulation in AI? Long views on AI, Part 1

What AI model maker would take the risk to make any powerful model if they could be responsible for anything someone might possibly do with it? This question is posed by Dan Jeffries – author, futurist, engineer, and systems architect. I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with him a couple of times. First about the […]
Dec 7, 20236 min read

Amazon Neptune introduces a new Analytics engine and the One Graph vision

Amazon Neptune, the managed graph database service by AWS, makes analytics faster and more agile while introducing a vision aiming to simplify graph databases. By George Anadiotis It’s not every day that you hear product leads questioning the utility of their own products. Brad Bebee, the general manager of Amazon Neptune, was all serious when he […]
Nov 29, 202311 min read

Join the Orchestrate all the Things Newsletter

Stories about how Technology, Data, AI and Media flow into each other shaping our lives.
Analysis, Essays, Interviews and News. Mid-to-long form, 1-3 times per month.