Orchestrate all the Things Podcast

Orchestrate all the Things Podcast

Connecting the dots with George Anadiotis: Analyst, Consultant, Engineer, Founder, Host, Researcher, and Writer 

Stories about Tech, Data, AI and Media, and how they flow into each other shaping our lives

The Orchestrate all the Things Podcast is where i share my work, as well as conversations with people who bring interesting news and views to the table

I’ve engaged from the likes of Gary Marcus and Andrew Ng to emerging thinkers and innovators across multiple domains. My stories are featured on ZDNet and VentureBeat

Some might call this futurism; let’s just say it’s connecting the dots

Many have a technical focus. Most also examine business perspectives and use cases, while others are socio-technical.

Some are analyses on emerging themes – picking them up early, featuring expert comment, or offering alternative takes.

Others cover breaking news, typically also featuring the people behind them plus some analysis. There are some book reviews as well.

I focus on the connection between data, analytics, data science, graphs, machine learning and AI and their impact on business and society.

I have been covering topics related to Data, Analytics and Data Science, AI and Machine Learning, Innovation, Graphs, as well as a wide array of technologies such as Blockchain, Cloud, Observability, IoT, Open Data and Open Source, Social Media and Software Engineering.

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