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The O word: do you really need an ontology? The Year of the Graph Newsletter: November / October 2019

How do you manage your enterprise data in order to keep track of it and be able to build and operate useful applications? This is key question all data managements systems are trying to address, and knowledge graphs, graph databases and graph analytics are no different. What is different about knowledge graphs is that they […]

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Knowledge graphs, AI, and interoperability. The Year of the Graph Newsletter: February 2019

Knowledge graphs are spreading everywhere: from Airbnb and eBay to Alexa, and from using JSON-LD on the web for better SEO to leveraging taxonomy to define AI. Combining knowledge graphs and machine learning, benchmarking graph databases, and W3C initiative for interoperability shaping up. January 2019 has been a lively month in the graph landscape. A […]

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The wrong strategy, the wrong way: cold-calling your way to marketing, technical and business failure

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Do you think cold-calling still works? Trying to sell random stuff to random people on the phone is not exactly the most unobtrusive, effective or sophisticated strategy. It’s the kind of thing I would expect and advise especially technology companies to stay away from, for a number of reasons. This is an account of the […]

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