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The O word: do you really need an ontology? The Year of the Graph Newsletter: November / October 2019

How do you manage your enterprise data in order to keep track of it and be able to build and operate useful applications? This is key question all data managements systems are trying to address, and knowledge graphs, graph databases and graph analytics are no different. What is different about knowledge graphs is that they […]

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Knowledge Graphs are the new Black. The Year of the Graph Newsletter, May 2019

Knowledge graphs become a centerpiece of Accenture and Microsoft’s toolkits. Knowledge graph lessons from Google, Facebook, eBay, IBM. Graph algorithms and analytics by Neo4j and Nvidia. Connected Data London and JSON-LD goodness, tips and tools for building and visualizing knowledge graphs, using graphs with Elixir and Typescript, and Geometric Deep Learning for a 3D world, […]

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Keep on Uberin the free world

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Uber is still operating in London, in you case you did not notice. Uber will continue to do so while a legal appeal process that could take a year lasts. What’s more, the fire-fighting statements and apologetic tone adopted by newly appointed Uber top management seem to appease some, including London’s mayor. But to focus […]

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