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Fluree, the graph database with blockchain inside, goes open source

A hitherto under the radar graph database that uses blockchain to support data lineage and…

Oct 20, 2020


DeepMind aims to marry deep learning and classic algorithms

Will deep learning really live up to its promise? We don’t actually know. But if…

Sep 10, 2021

The state of MLOps in 2021

MLOps is the art and science of bringing machine learning to production, and it means…

Sep 3, 2021

Amazon Neptune update: Machine learning, data science, and the future of graph databases

Amazon Neptune just added another query language, openCypher, to its arsenal. That may not sound…

Jul 30, 2021

Building MLGUI, user interfaces for machine learning applications

Machine learning is eating the world, and spilling over to established disciplines in software, too.…

Jul 19, 2021

Open-source growth and venture capital investment: Data, databases, challenges, and opportunities

Open-source software used to be poorly understood by commercial forces, and it’s often approached in…

Jul 7, 2021


NBA analytics: Going data pro

For the NBA, like every other sports league, awards are important. They can generate attention,…

Jun 26, 2017

DataOps: Changing the world one organization at a time

Uncertain about the benefits of going data-driven? Not sure how to get there? Here’s some…

Apr 26, 2017

Planet analytics: big data, sustainability, and environmental impact

What is the relation between big data applications and sustainability? What is the net effect…

Apr 22, 2017

Please wait while your future trickles down: innovation, asymmetry and evolution

If you believe the technologists, the future is around the corner and it’s going to…

Mar 30, 2017

Use Cases

Googling prescriptive analytics: YouTube recommendations and the analytics continuum

Understanding prescriptive analytics is complicated, let alone implementation. Would turning to Google help? Seeing how…

Jan 6, 2017

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