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Disrupting insurance: data-driven customer value

Why hasn’t the insurance business been disrupted yet, and how could data be used to…

Mar 15, 2017

Devs are from Mars, Ops are from Venus: Can analytics bridge the gap?

Despite what they’d have you believe, Devs and Ops don’t always get along nicely. Pepperdata…

Mar 7, 2017

Why finance craves big data: A perfect storm of disruption and opportunity

The financial services domain, where real-time is measured in milliseconds, holds particular interest for big…

Dec 14, 2016

Structure Data and the Competitive Landscape

Structure Data 2014 was another excellent Gigaom event. To anyone who has ever been to…

Mar 31, 2014


The state of open source databases in 2019: Multiple Databases, Clouds, and Licenses

An extensive survey shows the attitude of the market towards open source databases, drivers and…

Oct 1, 2019

Graph databases advance: TigerGraph announces $32 Million Series B Funding plus cloud-based platform

Graph databases have been the hottest area of data management for a while now. Today,…

Sep 25, 2019

Zira launches industrial IoT platform with data integration, marketplace, and AI-driven process automation

Could this hitherto unknown become the de-facto platform and marketplace for industrial IoT data and…

Sep 25, 2019

The new New Relic: Past BI and the dashboard, toward AI and AIOps

When applications and data change, what should a platform built to monitor them do? It…

Sep 19, 2019

Explorium secures $19M funding to automate data science and machine learning-driven insights

Part machine learning platform, part data marketplace, Explorium promises to automate data and feature discovery,…

Sep 11, 2019

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