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How to apply decision intelligence to automate decision-making

Decision intelligence is one of those terms that sound vaguely familiar, even if you’ve never…

Jun 6, 2022

What development of LLM best practices means for the enterprise

Large language models (LLMs) and multimodal AI are the cutting edge of AI innovation, with…

Jun 3, 2022

JupiterOne scores $70M series C funding, achieves unicorn status

Cloud security solutions are experiencing increased “growth and adoption.” Cybersecurity platform JupiterOne is using graphs…

Jun 2, 2022

Managing disaster and disruption with AI, one tree at a time

Ingesting loads of fine-grained data helps, but it’s not enough to make fine-grained predictions. You…

May 26, 2022

Could machine learning and operations research lift each other up?

Is deep learning really going to be able to do everything? Opinions on deep learning’s…

May 25, 2022

Alation details its data intelligence strategy

Data quality, a subset of data intelligence, is a topic that many enterprise executives are…

May 24, 2022


Striim brings cloud-modernization tool to AWS

Can real-time technology help companies save during economic hardship? Alok Pareek thinks it can. Pareek…

Nov 30, 2022

Andrew Ng’s Netail offers AI for retailers to ease change from physical to digital

Retail is big business. But like many other sectors it’s undergoing a transformation, largely affected…

Nov 29, 2022

Graph database market maintains momentum, new Neo4j 5 offers cloud and on-premises ease of use and parity

Graph platform Neo4j today announced the general availability of Neo4j 5, the latest version of…

Nov 9, 2022

Data intelligence platform Alation bucks economic trends, raises $123M

For Satyen Sangani, CEO and cofounder of leading data intelligence vendor Alation, data intelligence has…

Nov 3, 2022

Trends in data and AI: Ben Lorica on cloud, platforms, models and Pegacorns

As Ben Lorica will readily admit, at the risk of dating himself, he belongs to…

Nov 1, 2022

Red Hat and IBM team up to enhance AIops with an open-source project

AIops is what you get when you combine big data and machine learning to automate…

Oct 24, 2022


Fair forecast? How 180 meteorologists are delivering ‘good enough’ weather data

Weather forecasts, too, are all about data and models these days. But balancing accuracy and…

Jun 30, 2022 is taking on Google with AI, apps, privacy, and personalization

Award-winning AI research? Check. Startup and enterprise experience? Check. Venture capital and Mark Benioff backing?…

Jun 22, 2022

The data science and AI market may be out for a recalibration

Data science roles are still “sexy” but not immune to the job market turmoil. Being…

Jun 13, 2022

The EU AI Act: What you need to know

After data privacy and GDPR, the EU wants to leave its mark on AI by…

May 12, 2022

Use Cases

LinkedIn and Intel tech leaders on the state of AI

AI is on a roll. Adoption is increasing across the board, and organizations are already…

Nov 30, 2021

An AI-powered revenue operating system for aviation and beyond: FLYR Labs Lands $150 Million in Series C Funding

A multi-trillion dollar business in crisis, upending incumbents, unfettered ambition, and pragmatic deep learning. FLYR’s…

Sep 22, 2021

Own your newsfeed, own your data

A guide to keeping all your news sources and items in one place We all…

Nov 17, 2020

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