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Data Modeling for APIs. Part 2: REST and JSON

In the second part of this series of posts we start looking into the implications…

Jan 28, 2014

A small step for Impala, a big step for SQL-on-Hadoop. More to come, hopefully.

Recently Cloudera published the results of a benchmark performed internally, comparing its own SQL-on-Hadoop implementation…

Jan 15, 2014

Data Modeling for APIs. Part 1: setting the stage

Lately we’ve been engaged in the design of a data model for a project aiming…

Jan 13, 2014

Cloudstack Collaboration Conference EU 2013

Last week i had the pleasure of attending the European Cloudstack Collaboration Conference in Amsterdam,…

Nov 27, 2013

World Wide Web Conference 2012: From technical to socio-technical

Extending the reach and scope of the Web I just returned from this year’s edition…

Apr 23, 2012

Tim Berners Lee Keynote in World Wide Web Conference 2012

Distributed, Collaborative Decision Making? Music to my ears – we should be doing more of that…

Apr 23, 2012

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