Data / Analytics / Data Science

Structure Data and the Competitive Landscape

Structure Data 2014 was another excellent Gigaom event. To anyone who has ever been to…

Mar 31, 2014

On APIs, JSON, Linked Data, attitude and opportunities

I’ve been meaning to revisit some of the things i’ve been writing about and getting…

Mar 4, 2014

Indexing Hadoop: If it’s so simple, how come not everyone’s doing it?

Is Hadoop really the best thing since sliced bread? You’d probably get this idea, if…

Feb 17, 2014

Data modeling for APIs. Part 3: SOAP and XML

In the third part of this series of posts we take a look at some…

Feb 10, 2014

Data Modeling for APIs. Part 2: REST and JSON

In the second part of this series of posts we start looking into the implications…

Jan 28, 2014

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