The Personal Knowledge Graphs Book

The Personal Knowledge Graphs Book

What are Personal Knowledge Graphs and what are they good for?

Do you write, read and think for work or leisure? Then probably your notes, ideas and images are stuck in dusty notebooks, forgotten files and buried emails.

What if:

  • All the thinking you’d ever done was live, fresh and connected?
  • New knowledge popped up connections to forgotten thoughts?
  • You could surf your thinking like the web?
  • That is connected thinking. That is a Personal Knowledge Graph.

    Knowledge graphs are a universal and flexible data abstraction, and a way to see the world as a network of meaningful connections.

    Knowledge graphs in all shapes and sizes are proliferating, and a vibrant community of builders and users, researchers and enthusiasts, is shaping around them.

    But the volume and complexity of data each person has to manage today is comparable to what business owners and knowledge management professionals had to manage a few years ago.

    After open and enterprise graphs, we see an increasing number of people managing their personal data as knowledge graphs.

    The first book on Personal Knowledge Graphs explores this emerging domain.