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The Year of the Graph

Graph databases are the hottest thing around right now. Whether you are just getting started, or you are in one of the 51% of organizations already using them, this is the place to get your news and analysis.

The Year of the Graph newsletter. All things graph database, by graph database expert analyst George Anadiotis

The popularity of graph databases has gone through the roof almost overnight it seems. Everything points this way: the trend lines from database engines, the reports from the Forresters of the world, the response to my graph-related ZDNet posts.

Why is that, and should you care? Do you really need a graph database, and if yes, how do you choose one? That’s the million dollar question. Well, that’s more than one questions actually, and that’s more than a million in value there too. Either way, i can help you answer.

Every month i will collect, republish, and comment on the 10 most interesting Graph database related news items.

Why me? Ever since i implemented my first graph database prototype in 2005, i have worked on award-winning research, consulted the (then) leading vendor on distributed query implementation, and lead teams of all sizes and shapes working with graph databases.

I have also published a number of reports and articles with analysis on big data, distributed systems and analytics with Gigaom and ZDNet. Perhaps more importantly though:

I work for nobody else but me, and by extension, you. No fluff, just stuff. No automatically harvested or sponsored posts. No vendor affiliations or hidden agendas. Just hand picked, curated content, and objective, concise analysis.

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3June 20181. AWS Neptune goes GA 2. Azure CosmosDB new features 3. GQL - a proposal for property graph query language 4. TigerGraph launches free developer edition 5. Practical Gremlin guide new edition 6. Type-safe Gramlin graph queries 7. Data science and graph databases 8. Enterprise knowledge graphs in the real world 9. Repaying the GDPR Data Governance Debt with Metadata and Semantics 10. Why JSON-LD is a good idea
2May 20181. DataStax Enterprise Graph 6.0: what’s new, and what’s coming? 2. What's New in Neo4j 3.4 3. Ontotext’s New GraphDB 8.5 4. What Are Graph Queries, Graph Algorithms And Graph Analytics? 5. How to explain index-free adjacency to your manager 6. MDM and Graph 7. Looking under the hood at Amazon Neptune 8. WebVOWL - Web-based Visualization of Ontologies 9. Transforming JSON output of SPARQL queries 10. Review prediction with Neo4j and TensorFlow
1April 20181. Why the year of the graph 2. Building a model for event data as a graph 3. Fishing for graphs in a Hadoop data lake 4. Graphs as the front end for machine learning 5. Harmonizing big data with an enterprise knowledge graph 6. Making true connections in a complex world 7. Ontology, Meaning and Knowledge Management 8. Neo4j: A Reasonable RDF Graph Database & Reasoning Engine 9. Ted Wilmes on the state of JanusGraph 2018 10. Back to the future: Does graph database success hang on query language?
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