Event Management & Hosting

Event Management & Hosting

Originality, authenticity, engagement

If you need to organize and present events of any scale and orientation, i can help. I have years of experience presenting my own work, as well as hosting and moderating conversations and organizing events.

I am an Onalytica Top 100 Influencer in Big Data and Cloud. I have been giving presentations ranging from company meetings to keynoting in events such as Big Data Spain, Data Natives, and Graph + AI Summit for years.

In 2018 i crossed the Rubicon to become an event organizer. I joined the Connected Data World team and helped the event take off. By 2022, CDW saw a 10X increase in registrations and was established as the leader in its domain.

In 2020 i started the Orchestrate All The Things podcast. I have hosted more than 100 conversations with guests ranging from the likes of Gary Marcus and Andrew Ng to emerging thinkers and innovators. I also work with O’Reilly on the “What’s new in AI” series.