Research & Development

Research & Development

Efficient management, out-of-the-box thinking, solid engineering

If you have an innovative idea, and want to take something the world has never seen from the Lab to the Enterprise, i can help. I have a track record in taking emerging technology out of the lab and using it in the real world.

From planning to dissemination and everything in between – proposals, consortia, architecture and engineering. Been there, done that, got Tim Berners Lee to say we should be doing more of it.

It takes technical ability, business acumen and communication skills to identify opportunities and gain momentum in an organization. It’s a huge challenge, but it pays off handsomely when done right.


My career in R&D can be divided in the following periods:

1. Industry: 2000 – 2005.

During this period, i served as a software architect and team leader.

On many occasions I worked closely with vendor R&D, investigating and submitting reports on software platform operational aspects as well as proposals for issue resolution and new functionality. I was also the technical lead for a collaborative EU R&D project.

2. Academic Research: 2006 – 2009.

During this period, i worked as a researcher and project team leader for academic institutions and produced a number of peer-reviewed academic publications.

Standing out are the papers and distinctions won with the Marvin team in the Billion Triple Challenge. This is a competition that runs every year in the context of the International Semantic Web Conference.

Researchers from around the world compete for the most innovative and efficient answer to the question: “what can you do with a billion RDF data points”. Our team won 3rd prize in 2008 with Marvin, a platform for distributed reasoning over large-scale Semantic Web data.

3. Applied Research: 2009 – 2015.

During this period, i worked as a research team leader in the industry and produced a number of peer-reviewed academic publications.

I championed research on and integration of semantic technologies and machine learning in products, introduction and operationalization of Agile and DevOps, and the release of internal R&D projects as Open Source.

4. Independent Research: 2016 – today

During this period, i have been working a number of partners from the industry, academia as well as NGOs. I provide expertise in areas such as grant proposals, project and consortium management, design and implementation.

For more details, check my Publications